Send and receive secure emails through Microsoft Outlook.

Keep your confidential documents just that … confidential.

Send. Receive. Secure – Microsoft Outlook Encryption.

Our Microsoft Outlook plug-in provides the same commercial-grade of protection that our secure portal offers, but features one small distinction: convenience. With direct implementation into your Microsoft Outlook application, sending and receiving secure emails has never been easier.

Watch a short video on how to send secure email.

Sending secure emails via Outlook.

With our one-click “Send NeoCertified” button, your emails (and attachments) will be sent encrypted, so you get the assurance that they’ll remain secure and can only be opened by your specified recipients.

Receiving secure emails via Outlook.

To receive a secure message from a recipient, simply click the “Receive NeoCertified” button inside your Outlook to directly download any incoming secure messages into your inbox.

A process that your recipients can use with ease.

Once your recipient receives an encrypted email from you, they’ll be taken to a link that is co-branded, which forces them to log in with a password to view the message. From here, your recipient will be able to reply back through a separate secure email (with or without attachments) from any internet-connected device. Our Microsoft Outlook encryption gives you the capabilities to track, retract, and audit any sent messages.


The benefits of using our Outlook plug-in.

• Compatible with Microsoft Exchange
• No hardware to be installed or managed
• No setup or installation fees
• 30-day money back guarantee!

Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook.

• Integrates with Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016
• Direct unification with our Cloud-Based Secure Email Solution
• Compatible with NeoMobile, ensuring that your emails sent from a mobile device remain secure

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