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NeoCertified Secure Email Reviews

At NeoCertified we highly value our clients who use our Secure Email Encryption Solutions privacy. If you would like to contact any of our references please contact us directly and we will make arrangements for you to speak with them.

In this age of automated telephone responses and “Leave a message” (Maybe we’ll get back to you someday) it’s refreshing to call NeoCertified where a human answers who actually values you as a customer, wants to exceed your expectations and consistently does so. If your time is valuable and you believe customer service is important then NeoCertified is the only company you will want to use for your secure communications. 100% satisfaction!

Rolley Clapp
CarePro LLC
CEO Manager

MedAR chose NeoCertified as our secure mail delivery service for a host of reasons. I researched multiple competitors and found that NeoCertified was the easiest to use from a recipient standpoint which is vital. We send secure messages to many clients and prospective clients that may not be the most tech-savvy so we absolutely had to have a clean and easy-to-use experience. In addition, we love the MS Outlook plug-in which makes sending and receiving fast and simple for our internal users, the cost which is much lower than many competitors, and the sales & support staff has been responsive and helpful throughout the process.

Chris Daughdrill
Medical AR Management Services, LLC
VP of Information Technology Manager

I’m happy to be a reference and I’m happy to talk to anyone about your service. As current President and COO for Spectrum as well as being the former CIO for Time Warner Telecom, I am pleased to use NeoCertified Secure Email to protect our mission critical and HIPAA data. The entire process–from set-up to support to daily use–is very easy. The integration to Outlook makes sending secure email seamless and simple. I highly recommend NeoCertified Secure Email! Thank you to the team at NeoCertified!!

M. Hernandez
President, COO Manager

Imagine!’s top two criteria when selecting an encrypted email solution were ease of use, and being a not-for-profit, affordability. NeoCertified’s Outlook integration makes sending and receiving encrypted email messages simple for my employees at a price we could afford.

K. Harding
Director, Information Technology Manager

I would like to say we are very happy with NeoCertified! It has given us a way to send and receive information securely. NeoCertified made this a very easy install for us. Their willingness to help us setup and train has been very nice. We have added additional people after our initial install and the turnaround time has been awesome!

B. Babcock
Campbell and Fetter Bank
VP IT/Operations Manager

We appreciate the high encryption combined with simplicity which was the key for us.  The NeoCertified Support Team is really patient and very helpful whenever we have needed them.  We are proud to tell bank examiners we use NeoCertified for secure email.

R. Cheng
GBC International Bank
VP/IT Manager

I work in the financial industry and recent rules and regulations left us in the dark ages when communicating with our clients using modern technology.  NeoCertified email encryption services changed all of that for us and brought us back to the 21st century.  The technology is simple to use and could be tailored to fit our business model.  Although their technology is state of the art and in compliance with SEC regulations it is the people of NeoCertified that make this company spectacular.  In the financial industry we have our own language and rules and the people at NeoCertified took the time to learn all of this and help us every step of the way.  They went above and beyond at every turn and even went to our clients offices to help out when it was not even related to their services.  I would recommend NeoCertified to anybody that needs encryption services based on the simplicity of the technology and the amazing attitude of the employees.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

H. Benline
Marketing and Business Manager
Geneos Wealth Management

Accruit began using NeoCertified in December 2009 to protect sensitive financial information sent between Accruit and our clients.  Getting started with NeoCertified was quick and simple.  Our staff began using NeoCertified immediately and the user experience allowed them to become proficient with little training.  Our clients appreciated our commitment to securing their financial information and also found it easy to use NeoCertified.

G. Shaver
Chief Information Officer
Accruit, LLC

I found that the set up with NeoCertified was simple and that the customer service has been great.

P. Ziegler
VP Compliance & IT Security Officer
Northwest Commercial Bank

It’s nice to have security when sending and receiving e-mails with confidential information, but using the “Send Certified” and “Receive Certified” buttons makes it as easy as using Outlook itself.

B. Mino
Ashton State Bank

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