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NeoCertified has been providing commercial-grade secure solutions for both home users and businesses since 2002. Among our product offerings, you’ll find our easy-to-use secure email solution (compatible with all versions of Microsoft Outlook and Office 365), Customer Connect (a secure contact form), our Secure Large File Transfer solution, and direct API integration.

I am a physician in solo practice and I’ve always been concerned about HIPAA and trying to make sure I am providing my patients and colleagues with access to safe, secure and private email communications because the days of physicians being able to communicate by phone are long gone.

I looked into many secure email services and actually tried several — all of which left me and my patients in a state of frustration and confusion. By chance, I ran across an ad for NeoCertified email services. I looked at the videos and read all the reviews. I was glad to see that once I started using the service, everything that was said about them was accurate… Read more

Our Most Popular Solutions

Secure Email For Outlook

NeoCertified’s secure email encryption is compatible with all current versions of Microsoft Outlook.

Secure Contact Form

CustomerConnect is an inbound secure email solution that allows your clients to communicate securely with you directly from your website!

Secure Cloud-based Portal

Send and receive secure emails directly from our Cloud-based portal from any internet-connected device.

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